Meet Eric Duncan

Eric Duncan is currently serving as both the Mayor of the Township of North Dundas and Warden for the United Counties of Stormont, Dundas & Glengarry. He was one of the youngest Mayors in Canadian history when he was elected in October 2010 and will became the youngest Warden in SD&G’s 162-year history this past December. 

Previously, he was elected as a Councillor at the age of 19. In addition to his municipal career, he works as Executive Assistant to Member of Parliament Guy Lauzon. Eric is also a dedicated volunteer with several local organizations in his community.

Eric was born at the Winchester District Memorial Hospital, son of Edwin and Bea, and has lived in North Dundas his entire life. Raised in South Mountain, he purchased his first home in Winchester in 2010.

He graduated from Carleton University in the fall of 2010 with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science with a specific interest in both Canadian and international politics.


Eric has strong roots in all three levels of government. Prior to working on Parliament Hill, he worked for two former Ontario provincial Cabinet Ministers – the Honourable Jim Flaherty and the Honourable Norm Sterling – in both their Queen’s Park and constituency offices. Eric’s private sector experience includes positions at Signature Driving School and the Canadian Diabetes Association.

Eric is a well-respected staff member on Parliament Hill, rising quickly up the ranks. He began as the Legislative Assistant to Member of Parliament Guy Lauzon, and was then named his lead staff member and Executive Assistant. Eric was responsible for organizing the National Conservative Caucus Meetings, running the Parliament Hill office, and overseeing the constituency office services until his elected as Mayor in 2010. Eric continues to work as MP Lauzon’s Executive Assistant in both the Ottawa and throughout Stormont-Dundas-South Glengarry.

In his role as the National Conservative Caucus Co-ordinator, Eric worked weekly with the Prime Minister and his office to co-ordinate the Conservative Caucus meetings and presentations. Eric was the co-chair of the 2009 Conservative Staff Conference (with over 325 attendees from across Canada), and co-chair of 2009 Conservative Caucus Christmas Reception (with over 850 attendees). He continues to assist with several Caucus related events as needed.


Volunteerism has been a passion for Eric since an early age. He is consistently out in the community meeting with residents and volunteering his time to local causes.

Eric has served and volunteered with over 30 organizations and causes in his local community. It is estimated that Eric’s efforts have helped raise over $1 million for various causes and events. Most recently, he served as a Co-Chair of the NDDHS Reunion on Canada Day weekend 2013, which helped raise $20,000 for school improvements. He also volunteers with the Nation Valley ATV Ride for Dad, the Winchester Downtown Revitalization Committee, among numerous other committees and organizations. In recent years, Eric was honoured to be named the 2011 Chair of the Winchester District Memorial Hospital Foundation Gala.

His first volunteer experience was at the age of 13 when he became a junior director working on the South Mountain Fair. He took the position as sponsorship chair, and in one year, increased the donations to the fair from $6,000 to nearly $40,000. He also handled the media relations, the opening ceremonies, and the children’s entertainment at the event.

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